Natural History Museum

An interesting museum for both kids and adults.

Naturkundemuseum in Berlin offers an amazing exhibit where you can follow the development of life on our planet. It has an impressive collection of prehistoric animals, birds and the legendary polar bear Knut. One of the highlights is encountering the world’s largest dinosaur skeleton, a colossal 13.27 metre tall Brachiosaurus. And the museum also holds a gigantic Tyrannosaurus Rex (discovered in 2010). The Rex is a 66 million-year-old and 12 metre long dinosaur skeleton, and it is one of the best preserved specimens in the world.

There are a lot to explore and be sure you don’t miss the other exhibition halls which each focus on a different theme. Particularly rewarding are the so-called ‘wet collections’. These are housed in the East Wing. A total of 276,000 glass jars filled with 81,880 litres of alcohol line 12.6 km of shelves in this dramatic space. Fish, spiders, crabs, amphibians and mammals are conserved here. We spend a lot of time gazing at the fascinating and curious objects behind the glass.

The museum is rather large and 2-3 hours can easily be spend here. The Museum of Natural History is located in the centre of Berlin. Reach it easily by taking the underground or tramlines. Both the underground and tram stops are named after the museum – “Naturkundemuseum”. As easy as it gets.


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