Le Labo

Soulful fragrances.

Some say that the future of luxury today lies within craftmanship, Le Labo is the perfect example of this: Fresh, hand-blended scents, handmade candles, personalization/engraving available is each shop.

The handmade, and very nice, face-body-hair range is also a treat.

My personal scent favourites are Santal 33 and Bergamote 22.

Le Labo stores can be find worldwide, and also in unexpected places such as fx the Ace Hotel New York. The Copenhagen store is located in the coolest little street: Store Strandstræde 14 (New Harbour).

It doesn’t come cheap, but as with all quality products…none of them do 😉


Learn more about Le Labo here: LeLabofragrances.com

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