Les Voyageurs

The people behind the French café, Beau Marché, has opened a “sister café” called Les Voyageurs.


The Café a vin by Beau Marché is one of my favourite hidden gems in the Copenhagen city centre, because it is casual, cosy and simple quality food with a French touch. It is tiny, but not as hyped as for example Atelier September, so I have never, not been able to get a table, when dropping by. The interior shop, Beau Marché, right next to the café (also the same owner as the café), has amazing things and is always inspirational. Always.


The, newly opened, Les Voyageurs is situated in the area behind Kgs. Nytorv on Holbergsgade. This part of the city is not very known and therefore the café guests are primarily locals and/or fans of the previous mentioned Beau Marché.


Also here at Les Voyageurs the menu is French classics like omelette and croque monsieur, I had the toasted bread with fresh goats cheese, chives and olive oil – I will definitely recommend this – simple but tasty.


Holbergsgade 9, Copenhagen: BeauMarche.dk

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