The Island Houses

Boutique styled, luxury houses in the heart of Seminyak.

The Island houses have it all: personal design aesthetics, privacy and amazing locations.

The houses are owned by Dutch interior stylists Anna Lise and Jenny. Their houses are all individually designed and styled. The first house was originally (The White House) a private home for their friends and family. Today it has developed into a collection of private boutique villas, located in the ‘diamond area’ of Seminyak, Gili Meno and Binging Beach.

We stayed in one of the Seminyak villas. This location is unbeatable, hidden away in a small side street with only 5 minutes to either the beach (turn left) and 5 minutes to the busy streets (turn right) offering restaurants, shops and spa-life. The houses are serviced with the nicest staff, and the even offer room service from Café Bali – which by the way must be the fastest and cheapest room service we ever tried. All the houses are set in tropical gardens with luxurious pools. We stayed at the “Round House” – called this because the house is actually completely round- which probably has the smallest pool of all the houses, but that suited our girls just fine. And the house had the advantage (for us) with a connecting master bathroom between 2 of the 3 rooms, and that was a solution that was good for us as a family with younger children. Some of the other houses has very seperat bedrooms that would suit friends or families with larger children perfectly.

The staff was so lovely and they came every morning to help us prepare breakfast (they even did the food shopping for us). We found so many great restaurants and cute places walking around in the streets. The Seminyak beach is great for surfers, but for us it was way too many waves and strong current, so we would definitely recommend beach visits to stay as walks on the beach or visits to one of the great beach clubs (Potato Head, Kudeta or La Plancha).

There is a minimum stay of 3 nights for all the houses, but you will definitely not wanna stay any shorter. During high seasons the houses do get very busy, so booking in as early as possible is recommended. Honestly, there are so many villa rentals available in Seminyak, but the Island houses must be the most unique, interesting and best placed for sure. I am already dreaming of coming back again.

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