The Wadden Sea is the largest, flattest and wettest National Park in Denmark. The nature area was appointed to the status of National Park in 2010. The World Heritage area covers mudflats with a stretch of 500 km along the coast of Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. The dynamics of the landscape, the biological richness and the many migratory birds make the area completely unique.

The award-winning architect, Dorte Mandrup, has created a one-of-a-kind building that pays homage to the regional material and traditional craftsmanship of the Wadden Sea. The building it is quite spectacular, and I would dare to say that it is worth a visit for the architecture alone.

The exhibition “The Migratory birds’ Wadden Sea” is adapted into the center. Architect Johan Carlsson has, through design, created a poetic, aesthetic and modern exhibition, which shows the Wadden Sea and the migratory birds.

There is a small café inside, and you can bring your own food as well. If the weather allows there is a beautiful courtyard with tables and chairs.

The center is also just next to the road to Manø, a tiny island that you can drive over the ocean to (for low tide – 6 hours a day). Ask the locals for the correct hours to consider when visiting Manø.