Oyster Safari

What we came to Rømø for; the oysters…

When visiting the Wadden Sea a tour on an oysters safari is a must. The oysters are to find outside of both Fanø and Rømø. A guided tour is recommended, the sea can be insidious and rips can occur, not to mention the tide.

Sort Safari runs most of the trips in the area, and we had a really nice time on the tour with high sun and millions of oysters. The biggest challenge was not to take too many for us to carry back to the house.

We had oysters for the next 4 days, and they were so good and fresh. What a treat.

For the trip rubber boots, rain pants, a bucket and an oyster knife is recommended. If you want, you can also bring a shovel, then you can dig after those delicious razor clams that hid deep in the mud.

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