A bunker and a museum at Blåvand.

The award-winning architectural firm BIG has created the spectacular setting for a new attraction hidden under the sand to showcase exhibitions and not least set the setting for an underground tunnel to the Second World War bunker.

Lose yourself in the impressive mysterious forest that forms the backdrop for the exhibition Gold of the Sea. Hear the myths about the magical properties of ambers, immerse yourself in the captivating amber collection, and let yourself be swept away by the amber fever.

The original bunker Tirpitz, is an impressive piece of the war machine and part of the Atlantic Wall. The story is fascinating, and is told so all ages can follow.

Tirpitz also has a really nice café and the kids loved playing around in the sand hills around it. A visit worthy, not only for the history, but also due to the architecture, created by BIG, was quite amazing.

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