A hidden restaurant with only half a door.

Like most of the best places in Tokyo this place is well hidden and can only be found if you are looking (hard) for it.

This great izakaya has only half a door, and you have to knock on it to get in. Behind the door is a great little restaurant. Bookings are tricky so get there early to get a table. They open at 5PM daily.

We tried a little of everything from squid, fried beef, sashimi and a lot more. Don’t forget to order sake to go along with the food.

The area is Naka Meguro-Ku and a great number of cool local restaurants can be found in this charming area. We would definitely come back and kids are very welcome.

Sharing a link to find the restaurant here: Izakaya Nakamenoteppen,

The entrance is in the bottom of this hallway (this is what it looks like towards the small street it is located in).

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