Hakone Shrine

On a day with zero visibility we went to see Hakone Shrine.

We would not have chosen this day under normal circumstances. However, we came from the other side og Hakone mountain and did not realise the weather conditions until we arrived. Unfortunately we only had this one day to come by here, so we made the most of it and went to see the shrine and temple after all…fog and rain did not stop us.

The Hakone Shrine is very iconic for this area and usually a beautiful view of the Ashi Lake and sometimes even Fuji Mountain goes along for photos. But unfortunately not this day of our visit.

At the Hakone temple we bought our first temple book, and we had our very first temple stamp as well. It cost 300 yen (3 euros) to have a stamp (per book) and it is such a unique and fun way (especially for the kids) to keep as a memory of the temple visits. We hope to collect a few more stamps before leaving Japan.

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