Nara, Kasuga Wakamiya Shrine

The Kasuga Taisha is Nara’s most celebrated shrine.

The shrine was build at the same time as the city became a capital and is therefore  dedicated to the protection of Nara.

Visitors can visit the shrine free of charge, however, there is a paid inner area also.

Kasuga Taisha is especially famous for its lanterns, which have been donated by worshipers. Hundreds of bronze lanterns are hanging from the buildings. The lanterns are only lit twice a year during two festivals, one in February and one in August.

The deers also covers this area of the park (2 km from the Todaiji temple). No need to say the girls loved them and how tame they were.

Nara for us, this time around, was just a stopover on our road trip, but there is much more to explore. A ryokan or guest house stay in this city would be really nice for a couple of days I reckon.


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