Naoshima Open Air Art

It has become the art destination under the Benesse Corporation, Naoshima.

Since the 1980s, Fukutake (Benesse) has commissioned numerous site-specific installations by greats from the pantheon of art, including Lee Ufan, James Turrell and Walter de Maria, to be displayed in buildings designed by Tadao Ando (I am a huge fan). The timeless architecture of Ando, is to be found throughout the island, and it has become inseparable from the topography, as if the concrete here was a natural part of the environment.

Several, amazing, art sculptures can be found around the island..many of the them available to touch or interact with. We caught a couple of them in a beautiful sunset by the harbour…

Another great place to see some great pieces in incredible setting is the Benesse Art Park (see next post).

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