Benesse Art Park

Tadao Ando amazeness, Yayoi Kusama and much more.

I really, really, tried to book us in for a stay at the Benesse House. However, turns out 3 months in advance is not in advance enough to get a room. We will have to come back some day them, I guess.

The Benesse House is both a modern art museum and resort hotel. The complex is the center of the Benesse Corporation’s art facilities on the island and consists of four buildings: the Museum, Oval, Park and Beach, all designed by architect Ando Tadao. Each building features its own unique artwork and guest rooms.

The main attraction of the Benesse House is its modern art museum, located on a hill overlooking the sea. This museum displays work created by many different artists from both Japan and abroad, some of it are only available if you are a guests of the hotel – unfortunately.

However, in addition to the art displayed in the museum and in the guest rooms, there are amazing art pieces located on the lawns and beaches around the Benesse House, including Yayoi Kusama´s the famous pumpkin. The scultures can be found along the shore and cliffs below the museum, and have been specifically designed to integrate into the natural surroundings in which they are placed. A visit to the park is free, and is very much recommended, actually so that it is not to be missed I reckon.

Benesse Art Park

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