Angle Road

During low tide a small (road) appears, locals call it “The Angle Road”.

Just off the south coast of Tonosho (and right outside of the International Hotel) is the Angle Road. As the tide recedes a sandbar appears that connects each of the islets and the mainland making it possible to walk out to them.

Locals claim that by walking along Angel Road hand in hand with your partner it will strengthen the relationship. The low tide happens twice a day.

Just at the beach s small rock outcropping has a view over the Angel Road as well as the surrounding coastline. Up here a tiny shrine has been placed and also a so-called “Love Bell”. Lovers come here to ring the bell and place small hearts or shells with their names.

It is very crowded (non-stop) during weekends and high seasons. The girls where actually not very interested in the natural phenomenon, however they just wanted to wear their swimsuits and run across before the “road” was complete. Agnes was the first to run…right past the the other tourist that were waiting for proper low tide. After we all went up to ring the bell of love.


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