Love in Shodoshima

Open air art and rice terraces.

The Setouchi Triennale takes place in the beautiful setting of the islands of the Seto Inland Sea.
Its theme is the Restoration of the Sea, and it aims to revitalize the island communities
that once thrived in this raw natural environment and to transform the region into a Sea of Hope.

In may 2019 artist Wang Wen Chih has produced “Love in Shodoshima” and placed in the middle of Shodoshima´s rice terraces.

On Shodoshima, the “Song of Olives” is a tune that every resident of the island knows. It is a song about the love of a young girl, pairing her passion for her lover with memories of Shodoshima. Every time Wang Wen Chih has arrived on Shodoshima, he has thought about this song, so it has become one of the inspiration behind this most recent work.

Most art pieces around the island are not “open” for the public before the summer season (between 13th-15th of July). However, a few are available for tourist and natives all year around. This installation was actually not “open”, but we found a small path through the rice fields, and went to admire it anyway.

We also wanted to have a full view of the rice terraces, so we went up and behind the main road. It was very narrow and a bit nerve wrecking with our big car, however it was worth it and we spend a couple of hours walking around the terraces and exploring “Love in Shodoshima”.

Info about the various art installations on Shodoshima: Setouchi Art Festival

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