Hishio Ramen

Great ramen and a view to die for.

100 meters from our hotel was this little ramen restaurant places on the harbour with just 8 seatings outside (also a few seatings inside) with amazing view. It’s not very easy to find a restaurant with views of the sea, not even on these small islands as Naoshima and Shodoshima. In fact the only restaurant we found during our stay was Hishio.

Cheap, great, ramen, cold beers and view of the sea. We came 2 evenings in a row to eat here.

They had a map on the wall, where they asked their customers to set a pin from the country they came from. We were the first ones to put one on it from Denmark, and the girls where pretty excited about this…so was the owners actually.


Find Hishio Ramen here: Hishio

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