The only sake brewery on Shodoshima brews sake using spring water from Mt. Hosigajo.

The gorge is known as one of the three best in Japan. And this brewery is one of the few to be located on Japan’s small islands. It also has an art gallery with a small café and bar. Morikuni serves good sake as well as food made from produce of Shodoshima. We went here for lunch after visiting the soy sauce factory. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to have a menu for me without onions (I am extremely allergic to onions), and the girls really didn’t want anything on the menu, so the staff suggested that we go to their little baking around the corner and got their homemade pizza. So nice of them. We went to the bakery (where you can also sit and eat in), and got pizzas, brought them back, so we could have our lunch with Bjørn. Bjørn had their set-menu for the price of just 8 euros.

After lunch the owner showed us their factoring space and explained how they made their sake. We couldn’t bring any of their bottle with us (since they are not allowed in the airport and the were too big to have in out suitcases. But their (really nice) sake can also be bought in the Osaka airport.



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