Asan Kotonami

We went to a very special place to celebrate Bjørn’s birthday.

In the heart of Shikoku, Asan Kotonami is found within the Asan mountains, just on the border to Iya Valley.

This Ryokan is as difficult to get to as any place in the Shikuko countryside. Hands down, it is all worth it. It has just 28 rooms, a handful mountain cabins, and high-end restaurant and the most amazing onsen. The Kotonami also has private onsen facilities, which meant we could bathe together as a family, normally onsens are totally gender separate.

I had ordered a special birthday cake for Bjørn before arrival as a small surprice for the dinner in the evening. The food was great. Very Japanese (not sushi), but also a challenge for the girls. The hotel did offer a special menu for kids, which was a more “light” version of what we got. For 2 days we just chilled, enjoyed lots of onsen time and family time. It was really a treat for all of us. Would absolutely love to come back some time. Those mountains will be even more magical covered in autumn red I am sure of it.

Asan Kotonami

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