Chao Chao Gyoza

We came by Chao Chao Gyoza randomly back in 2016. This time we went there as the first stop when arriving back in Kyoto.

Unfortunately only to learn that there is onions (I am crazy allergic to onions) in all the Gyozas. So I couldn’t eat gyozas, and was very sad about it, since I had been so excited to have the best gyozas I ever tried. That being said, i then had their chicken nuggets, and I have to be honest, they were not gyozas, but they were actually the best chicken nuggets I ever tried.

The restaurant is tiny, and there is always a line outside, so I recommend going early to avoid standing in line – which we did last time around for 1 hour.

This time we tried the dessert gyozas (inside is chocolate) with ice cream. So good.

Their sake is recommended too. They serve it chilled and traditionally in square holders, so when they pour they pour in so much it runs over into the holders. That is how sake traditionally is served…because you must never be cheap when serving it.

Found the picture I took of the girls back in 2016 and did (of course) a new one of them as well (see below).


The girls 2019:

The girls 2016:

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