The Share Hotels Kyoto

Located in the middle of the busy and cool Nishiki Market area.

The last time we stayed in Kyoto, we had this amazing original townhouse in the centre of the Gion area. We loved it. But this time we decided to try another area close to the Nishiki Market (that we didn’t get to visit the last time we went).

The Tsugu Hotel just opened back in March and it was so good. The kindest staff (not that we ever encountered rude staff anywhere in Japan ever), clean lines architecture, large rooms and a really nice café downstairs (just coffee and such). We hadn’t spend time in this area last time we were in Kyoto, but it was so great with small shopping streets with lots of handcrafted things, the Nishiki food market to one side, the Imperial Palace and park to the other and the riverside just 10 minutes by foot.

The Share Hotels also has a more upscale hotel in Kyoto that looked super nice, but for us the Tsugu was just perfect. Just one little note, the hotel is difficult to find the first time around, Google maps isn’t going to help, so we found it by walking around in the area for 15-20 minutes looking around. It is just next to a large kimono store that lies on the corner called Ichi Man Ben.


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