Honen-in Temple

In a city with more than 1600 temples and shrines there is a lot to choose from.

If you take the small path right next to the Silver Pavilion and follow to a few hundred meters down, you go right past the small buddhist temple Honen-in.

Honen-in is visible as you enter through the main, thatched gate of the temple and is, usually, an uncrowded treasure of this beautiful area of Kyoto.

Starting with an incredibly scenic approach that culminates in a moss-covered gate, Honen-in works its magic on the visitor right from the start. Once inside, you’ll pass between two sand mounds that are said to purify the visitor.

The main hall itself is only open from 1-17 April (when the camellias are in bloom) and 1-7 November (when the maples turn red). During these times, you have to pay to enter the main hall. The rest of the grounds can be toured for free all year round.

A small blue butterfly followed us the whole time we were there, adding great joy to the girls.


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