Before heading back home to CPH we did a stop in Varberg.

Varberg has a long history of spas and the spa hotels here are som of the best Sweden has to offer. Also the beaches are in top class and some of them are very attractive to surfers (Apelviken). A trip by the beach promenade, a dip at the beautiful bath house Kallbadshuset are TO-DOs all year around here…so is the view from Varberg fortress.

Kallbadshuset has been part of the Varberg history since 1866. It has seperat men’s and women’s departments. The locals use the facilities all year around. In the main section is a small charming café that serves nordic heart shaped waffles and Swedish traditional fika.

The bath house was closed on the day we visited, but hopefully we will be able to try it out next time…

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