Dog sledding

For our 10 years anniversary, we came each other a dog sledding experience. We never tried it before. But we will definitely want to do it again. It was so special and amazing to be on the sled just all quiet going through the landscape.

To go dog sledding in Norway around Gaustablikk you have to go to Rauland. The road there is hard to drive, because the is snow and ice all the way, but on our winter tires it went just fine. It took 1 hour to get there from the top down and all the way to rauland. We booked with:

But there is also: it is located 30 minutes further away.

We just booked a small trip (1 hour), however had we know how amazing it would be and how much the girls loved it, we would have booked a half day trip. For a whole family it is a bit expensive, but definitely worth every penny.

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