Faxe Kalkbrud

Just 45 minutes out of Copenhagen (by car) and this 63 million old landscape awaits you.

The Faxe limestone quarry is the biggest man-made quarry in Denmark and was 63 millions years ago covered by a deep sea and a large coral reef. Sharks and crocodiles lived here along with more than 500 other animal species. So it makes a perfect spot for fossil hunters and a really nice spot for a small trip out of the city.

The Geo Museum was unfortunately closed, when we went this weekend du to Covid19, however we got to enjoy the view from the newly build prism tower and take a walk in the limestone landscape. The lake furthest away from the entrance to the quarry is the most famous one with completely turquoise water. But it was at the first lake that Agnes found a petrified coral. It now rests in her window. How very lucky she was…


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