On top of the Gausta Mountain

To have a small break from the skiing (which is like full on exercise) we went to the top of Gausta Mountain. There is actually a small battery driven train that takes 15 minutes inside the mountain you can take. During the summer, lots of people walk up the mountain, but in wintertime, that is just not possible. Will only recommend this in good weather. We went up on a semi-sunny day, and the view was okay, but it was so slippery and winding, the girls were super scared and to be honest the conditions on the top during winter is a bit harsh.

There is a big parking lot in front of the entrance to the train were you can buy tickets and souvenirs.

The train takes approx 15 minutes and is crazy steep. But very interesting to be inside this old military train and go all the way to the top.

There is a small café on top where they serve hot chocolate and waffles. In summertime you can go past this café and on, but in winter it is only possible for the professional climber.

read more about it here.

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