Crosscountry skiing in Norway

I have been skiing for many years as a child in Norway, but Bjørn and the girls never tried it before. The girls were natural talents, I was so impressed by them. And honestly Bjørn did very well too, it is not easy learning a new sport at the age of 42. Crosscountry skiing is very popular in Norway (I think they invented it). So, I did sign the girls up for skii school, however, it turns out, skii school is only for alpin skiing.

So we converted the school fee into a private teaching fee. I was also very much teaching during the days, however, it was nice to have a teacher show the basics off too.

We rented skies at the Gaustablikk Skii Center

Right next to the center there is also a small grocery shop and also the Gaustablikk hotel, which is nice for a lunch or coffee during the day.

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