Ski vacation in Norway

For our first family skii trip we went to the not-so-known Gaustablikk Mountain area.

We drove in our car from Copenhagen through Sweden to Norway.

It took 10 hours to drive from Copenhagen to Gaustablikk, so it was almost dark when we arrived. So very exciting to drive up the mountain, when we started the trip up, there was no snow, but as we came further up full snow and ice appeared and we were very happy to have put on our snow chains on the car wheels.

We had made a lunch stop in Sweden and bought the snow chains (very cheap in Sweden). They are only useful for steep hills in snow/ice, so even we just used them to drive up the mountain (15-20 minutes) we were very happy to have them. Just before going up the mountain there is a parking lot, that serves perfectly as a place to stop and put on the chains.

We stayed in a cabin apartment that cleverly enough had a garage and storage, so we had the car parked inside and could store the skies during the nights.

So many great cabins can be rented in this area. We both looked into airbnb but also the Kvitåvatn Cabins looked super nice (just next to our cabin).

Amazing sunrises 8PM in the morning

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