Tree Top House

How about that special experience of staying in a tree top house.

In October I got to spend time in a tree top house 8 meters above forest ground in a cabin just outside of Halden in Norway (close to the border of Sweden).

It was 1 1/2 hours in train from Oslo C and then another 25 minutes by car to get to this magical spot.

There are 2 cabins at the moment; one by the lake and one in the deep of the forest 400 meters trekking behind the lake cabin.

The cabins are winter isolated, wood heated and the tiny kitchen runs on gas.

There are 3 small double beds. It says that you can stay 7 people, but I would probably not recommend more than 5.

You can order dinner, which is really nice and you also bring your own. On the wood deck is a super nice fireplace and feeding boards for the birds.

Such a unique experience. I really want to come back with the family and have them try this too.

The only downside…outside bio toilet…which is good for the nature, but also a little scary when it gets dark. But I survived it and still I want to come back.

Tree top cabins

2 thoughts on “Tree Top House

  1. Stigen: vi har en udfordring – den løser vi og så er vi videre i det dejlige liv.
    Der kunne jeg virkelig tilbringe flere dage med familien.


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