Amerikalinjen Hotel Oslo

My favourite hotel in Oslo

Amerikalinjen is boutique hotel in a historic building in the best location in Oslo.

In 1919 it opened its doors as The Norwegian America Line’s venerable headquarters. 100 years later this iconic building has been reborn as a vibrant boutique hotel. Outside the doors, the central station, the Opera, shopping in Kvadraturen and restaurants are at your feet. 

The rooms are spacious and interior is nice (the beds are amazing). And the staff must be the best in town, the kind spirit and the service is outstanding.

I literally stay here every time I am in Oslo, which is 6-8 times a year…

tip: A small historic room hides on the 2nd floor, a little hidden gem. Also, ask for a room towards the main square or the opera house for a great view.

Amerikalinjen Hotel

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