The most amazing art museum in Norway.

The Kistefos Museum counts the Twist, the sculpture park, cafe, historical sights and beautiful nature. The Twist is a gallery, a bridge, and a sculpture, all in one and spans 60 meters across the Randselva river. The building was designed by the Danish star architects BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group and is named as a “must-see” cultural destination by the New York Times, Bloomberg and The Telegraph, among others. After spending 3 hours on the ground, we have to agree with the above mentioned experts. It is truly unique and so worth visiting.

The Museum opened in September 2019 and is only open between May-October. However the sculpture park remains open around the year. The park it self and just seeing the 15,000-square-foot twist structure from the outside would be worth coming even outside of the season for all art and architecture loves.

We do have a special love for art parks. Art in nature is just (often) more dramatic and really perfect for kids to experience and appreciate art as well.

A lot of our favourite artist are represented at the park like Jeppe Hein, Elmgreen & Dragset and Yayoi Kusama

Tip: of you are staying in Oslo, Kistefos is just a one hour drive away. As always go as early as possible to avoid the crowds. We were there as the very first ones ten to ten (they open at ten) and it was so nice to have the calm and the space alone for a little while. It got really busy around 11.30…

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