Cabin with a view

Lidasanden cabin in Stryn, Norway.

Stryn is a truly beautiful area just south of the famous (and UNESCO protected area) of Geiranger. It has three amazingly green lakes Oppstrynsvatnet, Lovatnet and Oldenvatnet. We rented a small cabin by Oppstrynsvatnet and the view was like nothing else we ever saw.

The water was ice cold (coming down from the mountain waterfalls), but we still managed to go swimming two days in a row and we also put on a lot of clothes and had dinner outside in the evenings. The view and nature was just too amazing to “miss out on”.

Tip: The cabin itself was one of four. We think ours was the best located with nothing between us and the water (the cabin furthest to the left).

Set your Google map on Lidasanden then you will see the cabins as soon as you get close. We used the Google link in the Airbnb link first, but that got us up hill totally in the wrong direction…

We booked it via Airbnb. However, the property also has a website: Lidasanden cabins

30 minutes from Lovatnet and one hour from Hellesylt (where the ferry towards Geiranger departs). We would go back in a heartbeat. Mother Nature definitely was in love when she did this place. Words are not enough to describe it’s beauty.

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