The Geiranger Fjord

Geiranger fjord cruise and view points.

The Geiranger fjord is deep dark green and surrounded by amazing waterfalls and luscious greenery. The fjord is on the UNESCO world heritage list and is also certified as a sustainable destination (working on turning the negative pollution from tourist and such whilst keeping the local nature and culture in balance).

We went on a fjord cruise from the small town of Hellesylt towards Geiranger (a one hour ride) and we took the car with us. Making it possible to go see sights such as the view point Ørnesvingen and Flydalsjuvet. It definitely added to the truly amazing experience of the trip. All can be found via Google maps by entering one of above destinations.

It was a special experience and we would definitely say it should be on your bucket list when going to Norway.

Tip: don’t miss out on Trollstigen, Flydalsjuvet and Ørnesvingen before or after the cruise. And do check out the weather forecast in advance. It will just not be the same experience in pouring rain…

There are many different cruises. We went with this one: Fjord Cruise

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