Astruptunet, original home of artist Nikolai Astrup.

Nikolai Astrup (1880-1928) was a famous Norwegian painter, illustrator and graphic artist. He is one of the most significant artist in Norway next to Edvard Munch and is especially known for his paintings of landscapes and nature in the area of Sogn.

He lived and work here all his life and today the ground and houses are his legacy open to the public.

He believed nature to be the greatest art and therefor he did an iron frame with nothing in it to depict nature. Widely used for Instagram images today, however makes a very important point.

There is a small cafe on the ground and a tiny gallery of some of his most important art. It is perhaps not a destination in itself, but definitely worth a stop in you come by in this area as we did.

Tip: parking is only by the parking lot by the water, then you walk up the small hill by a narrow pathway.


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