Urnes Stavkirke

The only stave church on the UNESCO world heritage list.

Urnes Stave Church is locates by the Sognefjorden in the tiny village of Ornes.

I have seen many stave churches as a child coming in Norway. But I had never seen this one before, the oldest one in Norway dating back to year 1150. The church has beautiful Urnes ornaments engraved in the wood work on both the outside and inside.

We took the small ferry (sails every full hour) to go there from Solvorn and walked up the steep trail to the church. A really nice quite short trip on a sunny day. There is an amazing view from the church ground.

Tip: if the weather is good Solvorn has a small beach where the locals go to hang out and have a swim. One of the oldest hotels are located there and brings a charming atmosphere to the area.

By the church the is a small guide/ticket office and cafe with ice cream and coffe.

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