The house by the Sognefjorden.

For our stay at the Sognefjord we had found another charming cabin to stay in.

The house is just 5 minutes from proper food shopping (and other shopping) in Sogndal, 15 minutes from Solvorn and 30 minutes from the Norwegian Glacier Centre.

The view is great and we enjoyed the wood-warmed hot tub and the terrace. The house is privately owned and you can see and feel that the family use the house a lot, which is really nice. It feels like a real home and I appreciated a fully equipped kitchen (as opposed to peeling potatoes with a cheese knife or using 1 pan for everything).

We would recommend staying here for sure. The only downside was the road that was just below the house and the noise coming from the cars. But the owners already “warned” about this in their description of the house, so no surprise.

The House at Sva: Airbnb

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