The Flåms Train

The most scenic train ride in Norway

We took the famous Flåms train from the Aurland valley up to the Myrdal mountain top.

The train ride takes just under 1 hour from valley to mountain top and passes the most beautiful landscapes with rivers, waterfalls and breathtaking nature overall.

We realised, when we got there, that a special treat (if the weather is nice) is to ride down from the top through the Flåm valley on bicycles. You can bring bicycles on the train or rent them at the Myrdal Station. We will definitely go for this solution if we come by the train again some day. It looked so much fun and like a great experience. Our girls have had bicycles from the age of 3 years old, so this we could have done, if we had done a little more research.

However, on this day we went, Agnes had a rare summer cold and was not feeling her best, so to take the train back was a good choice after all.

The train comes by, and stops, at the amazing Kjosfossen waterfall. There was a small performance by a dancer appearing “out of nowhere” to do a small seance for the train guests. A little odd, but the girls loved it.


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