A small magical hideaway just 25 minutes outside of Oslo.

The Wondering mirror cabin is a tiny house in the middle of a forest just outside of Oslo. The area is called Nordre Øyeren and is the largest in-land delta in Northern Europe. The  cabin has an amazing panorama view and to get there you have to walk 200 meters from the parking lot through the woods on a narrow path.

On the ground is also an annex with room for 2 people to sleep, in total 4 people can stay there. There is a micro kitchen, but also a grill outside and there is a lovely hot tub. The girls especially loved the rocks and the raspberry bushes just outside of the cabin.

The cabin has mirror all the way around and blends completely in with nature. Inside the cabin you can freely look outside and it like being in the nature in a very comfortable way.

We stayed here for 3 nights and 4 days and we had such a great time. However, it was mosquito time, so there was a lot of mosquitos due to combination of water and woods. But during the days we took small trip outside of the area and in Oslo, where we both swam in the harbour pools and visited the beautiful Vigelandspark.

We would recommend the cabin any day, it was such a fun and different experience. However, a tip is to go outside of the main mosquito season..spring or fall would probably work better. And bring very little with you, since you have to carry everything by hand through the woods from the parking lot…

WonderInn Mirror Cabin

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