Bergen is definitely very idyllic with houses clinging to the hills sides all through the archipelago and tiny cobblestone streets most famous is the UNESCO world heritage site “The Hanseatic Wharf” used to be the centre of trade in Norway.

Also the fish market is popular and provides both large amounts of fresh fish and seafood and hosts small restaurants as well.

Bergen has more than 200 days of rain per year, so we were so lucky to have a couple of sunny days when we were there. So no time to spend inside, even though there are some very interesting museums to see for sure.

Instead we celebrated Bjoerns birthday going on a boat to the seafood restaurant Cornelius on a tiny island in the middle of the Bergen archipelago. The food was so good and the trip there on a yacht in the sun was just beautiful.

Tip: ask for the seafood menu instead of the courses of the day.

You can have Cornelius book the boat trip for you or you can go there yourself (only by boat).

In Bergen we stayed in the Scandic Brygge Hotel right in the centre of the famous harbour. A view to kill and a large family room made our stay very comfortable. Even though we hadn’t thought about parking…just FYI that is expensive (go into a parking house. The parking in the streets will completely drain your bank account in no time).

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