Vietnam, Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc by sunset

So much of a good vacation depends on the right hotel. To us, it counts as half of the full experience.

We flew out here with Singapore Airlines, which is one of our favourite Asian companies. It took us almost 28 hours to arrive, due to transfer time in Singapore airport and Ho Chi Minh airport, but it was worth it.

We had planned to stay at the Premier Village Resort for a full week to get use to the new time zone and to get in a low vacation gear. Normally we prefer to stay in small places, however, now as a family of 5, we were looking to find a villa (to stay under one roof, instead of having 2 rooms). It turned out, that the options were not that many (Phu Quoc is still under development), but Premier Village has these huge villas, with both private and public pools, 2 private beaches, kids club, in-house dining and much more, which was just the perfect combo for us. Somehow they have managed to make it feel luxurious and not too “giant resort” and the girls absolutely loved to small electrical cars we went around on the resort ground, when going to the restaurant or beach.

We did use the room service a lot, since baby Ellen most of the time was too tired to go anywhere in the evenings. We also tried the floating breakfast, which was the first time we ever tried that. However, 10 minutes after we received the breakfast the local monkeys came and we have to run inside to safe the food and phones. So, if you go, and try the floating breakfast don’t do it if your have a hilltop villa (it’s where the monkeys are), I would say it is a better option to try it, if you have one of the beach villas for sure.

We also did a private barbecue on the beach for my birthday. We had it during sunset and it was so beautifully organised by the hotel and the food was amazing.

The breakfast was soooo good, with its own little kids corner and a barista corner. The was also a small shop at the resort were you could buy drinks, food, sunscreen, etc.

The kids club, was the best we ever tried, the staff was so nice and the activities and the little house/club itself was so full of toys, trampoline, a kids cinema (yes, an actual mini cinema), mini toilets, games and much much more. There was also an outside playground, but baby Ellen was too small for that and the girls were too big.

The beach was cleaned up every day and was so beautiful with lots of water activities to enjoy like kayaking, sup boards and more. It was a little windy in the mornings while we were there (which was nice), but in the afternoons, the water and the temperature was just perfect.

All in all this stay was so lovely, and for anyone going to Phu Quoc, we would definitely recommend this resort.

The only thing we can think about that would have made a difference; was that it is located very isolated. So every time you have to go “into town” or on tour or outside of the hotel for dinner, you have to take a taxi 20-40 minutes. It is super easy, and the front desk helps out with everything, but for us, it would have been nice to take the stroller for a walk around the corner or have somewhere nearby to go.

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