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Yushima Fishmarket Restaurant

To be frank, we didn’t go out as much in the evenings as we might have thought we would. Baby Ellen was just too tired, and both the restaurants at Premier Village and its room service was really good. However, we did try out the Japanese Yushima Fishmarket one of the evenings we craved sashimi and Ramen. It is located in An Thoi (South Phu Quoc) and was both authentic decorated as well as very nice food. As a bonus, we could watch both the sunset and a lot the fabulous laser show at the harbour.

It should be mentioned, that the An Thoi area (also known as Sunset village now) is under heavy development and can be quite desolated. We had a hard time getting a taxi back to the hotel, but the restaurant helped us get one. Either have the Grab app ready or make arrangements how to get back before you go. The Yushima Market had business to do the evening we were there, and there were other really nice restaurants next to the market as well, however, no other people in sight, which made the atmosphere a little bit depressing, to be honest, when walking around in this area.

And we also heard that the hotels J.W. Marriott and the La Veranda have excellent restaurants, if you are in the mood for a little dress up and some fancy eating for lunch or evening as well.

Of other recommendations the Phu Quoc Duong Dong nightmarket is worth going for.

It’s open daily from 6PM-11.30PM – usually the busiest time is around 8PM.

Local Nightmarket

Surely there are lots of places that are nice to have lunch or dinner or just a fresh coconut. The Rach Vem fishing village in North Phu Quoc (for lunch) on one of the floating restaurants is also super nice 👌🏼 or just the local street kitchen around the corner where you stay. We didn’t try anywhere in Phu Quoc we wouldn’t go for once again.

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