Same Same, Always Different

Some things just never gets boring. Sunsets are one of them.

Always the same – always different

Our hotel is located in the corner of the Kantiang Bay with no chance of a sunset. So we decided to take a “trip” to the other side of the bay to see the sun set.

How to get there? No biggie the crazy Danes borrows the hotel bicycles. A little bit in wonder that we have not seen any other people bicycle, but it’s only 2 km, so it seems silly to take a tuktuk or taxi.

However, already 200 meters along the reality hit us; 30 degrees heat, hill after hill after hill (must be a world record in amount of hills on such a short distance) and the breaks on the bicycles does not work.

The kids were on the back of the bicycles “Thai style”on a small “seat”, but not to worry the speed of our journey was maybe slower than walking speed…

We could definitely feel the Thai people passing us on scooters and cars giggling about us. Not the best idea we ever had.

But we made it – and it was all worth it. Spectacular view at at small local place and one of those magical Thai sunsets – just as we remember them.

The way back was made by foot along the beach dragging the bicycles (and the kids) through the sand. Exercise for the day done✔️

2 thoughts on “Same Same, Always Different

  1. Det ser vidunderligt ud. Kan både føle varmen og solen og høre bølgerne.
    Glæder mig over den mulighed I har taget. Kan se hvor godt det er for jer alle.
    Må også afsted en dag.
    Knus og kys


  2. Kære 4
    Vi følger med spænding jeres tur, og nyder de gode billeder
    Vi følger det som Downtown Abbey, spændt på næste afsnit.
    foråret er ikke kommet her hjemme, så vi var i bio i går for at se flaskeposten.
    kærlig hilsen
    Kirsten og peder


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