7 Minutes

Because we don’t do much during the day, we have decided that we have to do something to not let our bodies decay completely.

Long walks are way too hot for the girls (and also for us). Bicycles...well…not gonna happen again. Running on the beach – you have to get up super early to do that before the sun comes to avoid a heat stroke, and yoga retreats are not available this far south on the island.

So…every morning or after siesta we now do a 7 minute work out challenge (by app), recommended by our neighbors in no. 105. The kids do it with us.

Then after we do 7 minutes yoga following the children’s yoga book “Lyt til Løven” (as seen on the picture below). The kids take turn in picking 5 positions we practise that day. We always start with the mountain and end with the mountain or the lotus.
Fingers crossed we an keep it up.

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