Bang Mi Phoung

Let’s talk about (good) street food…


The worldly influence in the famous cuisine of Hoi An is clear. An example of this is the banh mi, a baguette sandwich that fuses French (bread, mayonnaise, pate, cold cuts) with the Vietnamese (barbecue pork/beef/chicken, cilantro, herbs, pickled veg, chili sauce). You can get the baguette everywhere in the country, but THE best one you allegedly find in Hoi An at the Banh Mi Phuong.

The small street food stall has between 1-3 lines of people morning, noon and night. What makes it even greater is that the price is still kept at a low level (20.000VD/ 6DKK). This means that it is also a place to get the famous baguette for the locals too. There is a great vibe of hungry locals and tourists, busy sandwich-makers, curious people passing by and good business in the air around the Banh Mi Phuong place.

Was it the best baguette we ever had…maybe…maybe it was…

Banh Mi Phuong 2B Phang Chau Trinh St., Hoi An



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