Celebration – round one

We always do a joined birthday celebration for the girls. This year we did it pre-birthdays…

Bjørn and I decided we would do the girls’ joined birthdays at Six Senses, because the coming days will be a bit “hectic” with our travel schedule. We had ordered a cake for the girls in advance and done birthday present shopping in Hoi An. 

We started the day of with presents and new dresses. Then we went on for an amazing breakfast and ice creams from the ice cream bar (also for breakfast). We continued with ice creams throughout the day (mind you it is 30-something degrees here).

We are already regretting the microphones a little. But the girls are over the moon about them, so that counts more at the end of the day. 

Tomorrow we leave for the final destination of our Vietnam adventure; Ho Chi Minh (Saigon). 

We really wished we could have stayed a little longer here in the Ninh Van Bay, and we actually tried to move things around to make it happen, but we couldn’t make it. We hope to be back…some day…and we look forward to try out the new kites at Valby Parken when we are back home…

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