Cu Chi

After traveling and exploring for 2 months it takes a lot to really impress us..we have to admit that..but the Cu Chi Tunnels impressed us…a lot.

We only have 2 nights in Ho Chi Minh, so we booked a private tour with Elegant Travel to go to the Cu Chi Tunnels and Mekong Delta in just 1 day.

One of the things we have done while traveling through Vietnam have been booking private tours. They are not very expensive, and when you have small children, a private tour gives you all the flexibility and patience you could wish for. Something we will highly recommend for all (families as well as non-families). Also many people in Vietnam don’t speak English, and then it comes in handy (many times) to have a professional, English speaking, guide with you.

Our first stop of the day were the Cu Chi Tunnels. We have learned about the Vietnam war in school, and the Guerrilla warfare is very famous. However being at the tunnels and going through the history and the facts about the 250km complex tunnel system made a big impression. Do not miss out on this experience if going to Ho Chi Minh.

The girls thought it was a lot of fun with the tunnels. A little concerned about the people who would get hurt in the many scary traps, however in the end more fascinated by the giant millipedes than the traps…

Definitely experts in Camouflage of tunnels, entrances and people.

The original size of the entrances to the tunnels.

Tiger trap

Giant milipede

Going down…

After trying going through a tunnel.

Tea, mix of sugar/salt/nuts and the cassava root (what they ate a lot during the war). 

Mekong Delta here we come.

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