Grotta Palazzese

We went for lunch in a cave.


There’s no debating that the location is both unique and amazing. The restaurant has been carved out of the cliff’s limestone centuries ago by the sea and has hosted elegant dinners at the request of Italian nobility since the 18th century. Today the natural sea cave, which is the largest of all the sea caves under the town of Polignano a Mare, serves as a summer restaurant (it’s only open from May until October).

You can only bring children for the lunch bookings, which we didn’t know, however these were the only available time slots to choose from, when we booked the table a month ago. The mid-day hours makes the cave-feeling a little less intimate, but on the other side you get to enjoy the full view of the sea and the cliff side.

The food was nice, especially our starter, which was calamari. Then we had risotto, fish and ricotta/pistachio dessert. The prices are very expensive, but the full experience itself makes up for that. The service was good and the kids could have pasta and tomato sauce and a cola for more or less “normal” price level of a good restaurant.


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