The White City.


Its old town, called  ‘La Terra’ (the Earth),  is very famous for the  monochrome color of its settlement, strictly white. Infact all the houses are painted lime and for this particular topography Ostuni is called with fairtale names as as the White City, Queen of Olives, Nativity City. 

We went here to see the white hill top city for ourselves.

To be honest we didn’t really experience Ostuni. We merely saw is from a distance and went along the white (historic) part of the city in the car. We arrived around 2PM and it was just so hot and everything was closet due to siesta hours. But as a lot of the famous cities of Puglia it has a fascinating maze of narrow, winding, a series of courtyards, squares and streets. On top of the hill, the Cathedral stands, which dominates the plain of olive trees to the sea.

After driving around some time, we went back to the sea side.

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