Grotta di Castellana

We went 72 meters under ground.

The Grotta Castellena is considered to be the most important speleological complex in Europe, specially famous for its vast crystalline concretions, striking dimensions, and the spectacular scale of the natural tunnels.

We went for the 3km long guided tour under ground. The only way to visit the caves are by guided tours. The long ones takes 2 hours and it is worth it. Very difficult for myself to go that far under ground, however the caves were almost all the way very spacious and not as claustrophobic as anticipated.

The caves were created by underground river erosion – for centuries, an ancient underground river excavated and moulded the calcareous rock beneath. In 1938, the speleologist Franco Anelli discovered the important site. They are still working on discovering the full extend of these caves.

The caves were so impressive, we never saw anything like them. Stalagmites has been “growing” for millions of years and the most famous cave, it was like entering another world. The most famous cave, The Grotta Bianca (the white cave), was truly amazing and beautiful – tousands of completely clean and white stalagmites growing from above and below. The geologist, to this date, don’t know exactly how this phenomenon is actually possible. It just is.

Unfortunately we were only allowed to take photos in the first (very large cave with 60 meters to the ceiling). So we can not share this with you. You have to experience it for yourself 😉


Home Grotte

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