Our last stop before Sicily is Tropea.

Tropea is a seaside town with impressive scenery in the region of Calabria, in the south of Italy. This stretch of coastline on the Tyrrhenian Sea is called the Costa degli Dei, the ‘Coast of the Gods’, and it is among locals know as one of Italy’s finest summer holiday destinations. We learned about the town through friends, who traveled through South Italy last summer.

The coastline curves outwards in a hilly bulge, boasting dramatic cliffs, sunny beaches, and a string of little resorts and campsites. Tropea is one the busiest and most attractive of these seaside towns; with a historic centre perched on cliffs above the sea. This is both clear in the amount of sales men on the beaches and the vast number og restaurants in the city centre (historic centre).

Every corner is super charming and every courtyard is a restaurant. We had first booked an B&B in the historic centre, men found out (on the same day) that we could not bring our girls with us to this specific place, so we had to re-book on the go. Luckily, we found a nice apartment just in the outskirts of the town through airbnb at the Michelizia Resort. It’s very close to the historic centre, but the road to get there is very unsafe for the girls, so it is a little bit stressful to get back and forth. The famous Tropea Beach is also just around the corner, however we have chosen to drive there in the car (800 meters) due to the risky road.


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