Santuario Santa Maria Dell’Isola

The symbol of Tropea.


Tropea’s number one photo opp is Santa Maria dell’Isola, a medieval monastic church given several facelifts over centuries. Sitting on what was once its own rocky little island, it’s now joined to the mainland by a causeway created by centuries of silt, and is reached via stairs on the side of the cliff. Access to the church is free, but the small museum and garden costs €2.

The sanctuary of Santa Maria dell’Isola is the symbol of Tropea, and it is easy to see why. Perched high on a rock and accessible only by stone steps cut into the cliffside, it dominates the view over the sea from Piazza Ercole, the main town square. Believed to date from the 4th century AD, it has been rebuilt many times and took its present form in the 18th century after it was damaged by an earthquake. Reopened in August 2014 after nine years restoration, it is now accessible to visitors.

The view of Tropea and the ocean is unbeatable and is worth a visit at any time (between 9 AM-20.30 PM 😉


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