The beach below the rock

A unique beach experience.

The beach below the rock has been classed among the ten most beautiful beaches in Italy several years. We discovered it when visiting the garden of Santa Maria Dell’Isloa.

Look at the picture above and then you can see a couple of Sun Umbrellas just in the right corner of the picture. We went down to find this beach after visiting the beautiful church garden. We entered just to the right after the stairs to the church. Although there were orange fences looking like you could not enter (for cars only we imagine), you could actually enter by a small path through the rock.

It was the tiniest beach ever, shadowed by the rock (at least until 1PM) and with a small cave from where you could acces the other side of the rock where the locals were cliff diving.

We so recommend this spot, hanging out on the rocks and swimming in the clear water of the cove was just magical.


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